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Körper Vitruv

Please note that we offer our services at our clients expense.

Detailed enquiries to acquire well investigated medical informations require a lot of time. These investigations require a great deal of work, comparable with the writing of a medical assessment.

We charge therefore our clients euros 90,-- as a flat-rate for our services (all-in price).

This flat-rate includes the fees for all required investigations including translations in medical english and delivery of our reply by e-mail, fax or letter. Charges for enquiries in data bases or literature are also included, if we regard such enquiries as necessary.

If on the other hand our client wishes and orders a special enquiry in data bases or literature, we charge our client additional euros 90,--  again as a separate flat-rate for this particulary requested service. The sources and results of this enquiry are indicated by us in detail.

If you want to use our service, we ask you to pay a deposit of euros 45, -- in advance. You can send us this amount by check or transfer the amount to our account.

If you have received our reply, we ask you for payment of the balance of euros 45,--  by check or transfer.

If you moreover have particularly ordered an additional enquiry in data bases or literature, we ask you to pay a seperate deposit of additional euros 45,-- in advance and to pay a separate balance of euros 45,-- after receiving our enquiry .

After payment you will receive a written receipt. Perhaps you have the possibility to submit our receipt at your health insurance for the purpose of reimbursement of costs.

You are kindly asked to indicate your name and address, so that our letters can be duly delivered.

Anonymous questions can only be answered, if the client has paid us the complete flat rate for our service in advance instead of a deposit.

When sending his enquiry our client accepts our terms of payment and conditions of trade without  conclusion of a separate contract.

Details of our bank account: Account number 20 69 87, Degussa-Bank Frankfurt a.M., bank code 500 107 00, account holder (name): Dr. Piper, Germany

Copyright: Jörg Piper, MD, senior consultant, Clara-Viebig-Str. 4, D-56864 Bad Bertrich, Germany


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