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Körper Vitruv

If you wish to receive general information about some medical topics free of charge and if you want to get some broader information about medical engagements of Dr. Jörg Piper (MD), there are several links to other internet sites at your disposal. These pages are written in German.

Internet sites about screening examinations (medical check-up):

Internet sites about angiology and the vascular system:

Internet sites about other topics of internal medicine:

Internet site about rehabilitation of cardiovascular diseases:

Internet site about rehabilitation medicine:

Internet site about medical assessments:

Internet sites about Dr. med. Jörg Piper (MD):

Home-Page of the clinic “Meduna”:

Internet site about psychological and sociological consultations:

  • www.socama.de  (social care management)
  • Hier finden Sie Ansprechpartner für kompetente und einfühlsame Beratungen in Situationen hoher psychischer Belastung. Diplom-Psychologen/innen und Diplom-Sozialpädagogen/innen beraten und begleiten Sie telefonisch oder online (kostenpflichtig).

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