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Körper Vitruv

You can receive written answers to your medical questions by Medicine-Info-Online. Our explanations deal with your individual problems as precisely as possible.

In principle, your questions can refer to all disciplines of medicine. We offer among other things:

  • Detailed discussions of possible diagnoses corresponding to particular troubles or symptoms (discussion of differential diagnoses)
  • Discussion of medical examination procedures with regard to performance, use and risk, moreover discussion of alternative or supplemental procedures, if necessary
  • Discussion of methods of medical treatments at consideration of use, risks, side effects and interactions 
  • Statements on special medical treatments planned or carried out
  • Comparison  of different, alternatively applicable methods of medical treatments
  • Informations with regard to a medical second opinion
  • Informations about medical treatment, course and prognosis of acute and chronic diseases
  • Informations to sociomedical questions e.g. to handicaps, incapacities, disabilities, occupational diseases, nursing care at home
  • Consultations about prevention, prophylaxis, preventive medicine, screening examinations (medical check-up) etc.
  • Consultations about rehabilitation
  • Consultations about general medical aspects of the common personal life like diet, sleep, relaxation, stress, sports, sexuality, life-style, Anti-Aging etc.
  • Informations about ethical and legal aspects of medicine
  • Investigations in data bases and literature, if specially ordered by ours clients.

You can send your questions by e-mail, fax, or letter to us.

If you formulate your questions very detailed, our answer will be as precise and individual as possible.

We prefere to send our answer to you by letter for reasons of data protection. If you particularly wish, it is also possible to send our response by e-mail or fax.

We can discuss your questions with several specialists of different medical disciplines if necessary. Moreover we can use medical expert fora and medical data bases.

You receive our medical reply from Mr Jörg Piper, MD, your medical contact person of Medicine-Info-Online.

Copyright: Jörg Piper, MD, senior consultant, Clara-Viebig-Str. 4, D-56864 Bad Bertrich, Germany

Please note that we offer services at our clients expense.


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