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Körper Vitruv

Your contact person at Medicine-Info-Online, Mr Jörg Piper,  MD, works as physician and senior consultant in the following specialties:

  • Internal medicine
  • Angiology
  • General medicine
  • Physical and rehabilitation medicine
  • Social medicine
  • General rehabilitation
  • Balneology and medical climatology
  • Clinical geriatrics (age medicine).

The essentials of these specialties shall be explained now briefly.

Internal medicine:

Internal medicine deals with the illnesses of the internal organs under special consideration of the individual patient in his complete state.


Angiology deals with the illnesses of the vessel system i.e. with the illnesses of arteries, veins and lymph vessels.

Physical and rehabilitation medicine:

Physical and Rehabilitative medicine deals with the inter-disciplinary rehabilitation of all diseases which need rehabilitating medical treatments in addition to conventional clinical medical  treatments. Essential elements of rehabilitating treatments are physiotherapy, kinesitherapy,  preventive medicine, trainings of behavior and nutrition, moreover psychological treatments if necessary.

Social medicine:

Social medicine deals with the frequency and distribution of socially relevant diseases which concern the public health. The social medicine also deals with the correlations of different diseases and with the social situations of patients in their societies. The medical assessment in cases of handicaps, incapacities, disabilities or occupational diseases is also a task of social medicine.

General rehabilitation:

This medical discipline deals with the basic principles of rehabilitation medicine.

Balneology and medical climatology:

Balneology and medical climatology deals with medical treatments by means of local remedies situated in different regions and climatic zones.

Clinical geriatrics:

Clinical geriatrics deals with specific aspects of illnesses in the advanced age, particularly in cases of polypathia.

General medicine:

General medicine deals with the methods of medical treatments by the general practitioneer or family doctor including all medical aspects of the human life.

Other specialties:

If necessary, there are specialists for several further medical disciplines available who can be contacted by us, for example surgeons, gynecologists, obstetricians, pediatricians, ophthalmologists, neurologists, moreover psychologists, specialists in nutrition or sports.

In addition we can use various medical data bases and medical expert fora for medical investigations refering to all specialities of medicine.

Copyright: Jörg Piper, MD, senior consultant, Clara-Viebig-Str. 4, D-56864 Bad Bertrich, Germany

Please note that we offer services at our clients expense.


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