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Körper Vitruv

The nations of our world have different systems and resources of social security and supply as well as different health systems in various ways.

Nevertheless international trends can be recognized which can impair the medical care of ill people.

These trends may be caused by several different phenomenons which represent features of our today´s societies such as:

  • Lack of time
  • Rising costs
  • Trends to standardizations
  • Anonymity of the individual.

Our modern, surely very efficient medicine is also influenced by these aforementioned phenomenons in some ways.

There can exist lack of time on medical side, if  too many patients have to be treated in everyday´s routine in restricted time. The physician then does not always have enough time, so that the patient might not receive a consultation as optimal and extensive as possible. But also the patient can have little time and does not consult his physician or consults him too late.

Rising costs are an essential factor in many areas of medicine. The ways of  medical treatments can also be determined or restricted by their costs. Intensive medical consultations and well investigated medical informations take up a great deal of time and work. In many health systems the physician is not paid adequately for these achievements, which therefore are not always carried out as intensively as the patient wishes.

Trends to standardization also characterize our today's medicine. Guidelines, clinical studies, evidence-based medicine become increasingly more significant. So standards shall be worked out on these ways to improve the quality of medical treatments. The more standardized the treatment of a patient is, the less the individuality of the single case can be taken into account. Personal consultations and informations cannot, however, always be standardized. Medical treatment objectives can be attainable on different therapeutic ways. From these aspects it just can be in the interest of well informed patients to ask for a second opinion or to discuss existing questions with a neutral medical contact person.

The anonymity of the individual also can affect medical treatments. You might say, the individual patient then can become an interchangeable "case" which is treated in accordance with a pre-determined standardized method. In such a situation also the patient may feel a need to ask for more individual information or advice.

Medicine-Info-Online offers patients and their relatives the chance to get detailed responses on medical questions in these outlined problem areas.

A personal medical treatment of course can and shall not be replaced by our service. A precise diagnosis is prerequisite for an adequate therapy. And diagnoses can be made only by means of  personal medical examinations.

Therefore Medicine-Info-Online cannot replace a basically necessary physician visitation.

However, Medicine-Info-Online can give supplementary medical informations and can give some support at difficult questions, problems or decisions.

In the same way relatives of patients also can consult Medicine-Info-Online when required.

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